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Ship Builders You Can Trust


Geuzen Boats has been operating for over 20 years with a nonpareil reputation. We have served thousands of ship owners who continuously patronizing our services. In a time where eCommerce is a hit, more ships are required to deliver goods internationally. We can deliver any specifications required by our clients. From dinner cruise amsterdam to crew transfer ships, Geuzen Boats can build them in a way that all specifications are met. Our builders not only are professionals but also came from a line of families who's been in the shipbuilding business. If you are in need of a boat to a ship, there’s only one name to call and that is Geuzen Boats. With our untainted reputation over the years of operation, you are sure to get the boat or ship you want for yourself personally or for your company.

Where Tradition Meets Technology

We have developed a meticulous procedure to fuse technology and traditions in one place. Geuzen Boats is still observing the long list of the how to’s of shipbuilding while incorporating advanced technology to build accurate measurements, parts, and faster turn around time. It is the company’s values to learn from the past while looking ahead to the future. Our ships are state-of-the-art similar to the van gogh museum amsterdam. It is made with many elements of technology and hard labour of our shipbuilders. Every ship has a human touch in every aspect. We don’t solely rely on technology, we use bright and experienced minds of many shipbuilders to deliver a project that exceeds the expectation of the client. This is the place where tradition meets technology. If there’s any company who can perfectly pull off this kind of shipbuilding process, not doubt that Geuzen Boats is one of the few.

The Champion’s Solutions of Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding is a wide range topic as there are many types of ships and boats. Whether you need repair or maintenance, Geuzen Boats has the champion’s solutions for you. Our experience for over 20 years made us experts of all the issues involved about ships and boats. We are ready to inspect and offer you excellent solutions to get rid of these issues you are facing once and for all. We don’t believe in temporary fixes because the safety of passengers is at stake. The most in-demand needs of ship owners are conversions, hull extensions, welding, and hydraulic installation. Every job is done in detail with an assurance that your ship is up-to-par with industry standards. When you choose Geuzen Boats as your builder, you will get champions working for you. It doesn’t stop there, we can also take charge of the maintenance and repairs needed so that your ship can survive strong waves of the ocean. Never settle for a second best when you can be the champion. Choose Geuzen Boats.