Geuzen Boats

Quality and Accountability

boatPeople are more connected today because of technology. We are able to talk to one another through mobile phones and the internet effortlessly. We can send and receive packages in a matter of days or even hours. And we can travel the world safely and comfortably through robust and reliable ships and boats.

Geuzen boats have worked day and night to create the best and most dependable ships and boats in the world. Our aim is not just to please our clients but to ensure the safety and protection of the people that are going to ride our creations. Before anything else, we always prioritize the wellbeing of those who are going onboard our ship. If we can transfer people and goods safely, completely, and on time, we know that we are doing our job well.

We are more than just bringing you to Las Vegas. We stand by our word in bringing you the best products for our clients. We make sure that we go above and beyond the expectations that customers have on us. We use materials that are high-grade and high-quality. And we back up our products with our credentials.

Standards Compliance

In Geuzen Boats, we always abide by both government laws and international standards. We want to make sure that we follow the rules and policies implemented on ship making and construction. We also comply with standards that provide administration and regulation of everything related to the integrity of ship structure and assembly.

From the materials used in each of the parts of the ship to the procedures and methods used in the formation of our finished products, we make sure to follow the industry’s criterion. We benchmark on other leading company’s tools and processes to ensure that we are using the latest and current technology in the business. As much as possible, we want to surpass the expectations of our clients and exceed the goals that we have set for the company.


Assembly and upkeep

Geuzen boats is a company that builds top ships for both public institutions and private corporations. If you are a deal hunter who likes to give the best value for their hard-earned money through good purchases of ships and boats, you have to contact us and we can provide you with the right solutions for your needs.

Aside from the construction of boats, we can also provide maintenance and care for your ships. Repairs and preventive maintenance can be a hassle especially for those who do not have an existing section or department in their company that specializes in restorations or overhauling. We will do the hard job for you.

You can send us your boats for preventive maintenance. We do our visual and technical inspections to check the health of your ship. We create an intensive program for our evaluation on our years of experience in handling and repairing boats.

Repairs are also part of the maintaining a ship. We have a team of experts who are well-versed and trained to troubleshoot your boats, make the proper diagnostics, and set up a procedure to fix your ship.