Boat Care Tips For New Owners

Every vessel type is unique. But one thing is for sure, they do need proper maintenance and care so they can perform their best on every sail. There are maintenance care steps you can do yourself but larger types of vessels such as yachts and ship do have special requirements mandated by marine surveyors in your country.

Regular Inspections

You may do regular inspections yourself by having a checklist. However, it is highly suggested that you hire a specialist once a year to do the inspection as you might have missed some of the vital parts of your boat that need repair or replacement. This gives you peace of mind about the safety of your boat when you are cruising with your loved ones in amsterdam canal tour. The checklist includes: checking any rust forming at the base of your boat, checking of engine strength, and checking of oil levels.

Propeller Check-Up

You should develop a routine that before you use your boat to sail, you need to check the propeller first. Listen to the sound of your propeller. If it makes a ticking sound, it may be an indicator of a leak. Call the nearest dealer in your town and have it checked by them using your I amsterdam card. Fixing the leak yourself should never be done. Only the authorized dealership should handle this situation as it may cause more damage to your propeller. Also, check for dents otherwise, your boat will be using too much fuel adding up to your boat expense.

Oil Change

For this part, you will need your boat manual for special care and instructions. The manual will tell you what type or brand of oil to use. It’s quite a similar process for the most type of models. You need to warm up the engine first and turn it off after 5 mins. Use an oil extractor to remove the old oil. Once oil tank is totally empty, pour new oil and cover the oil tank. Remember to care for the environment, don’t pour your oil waste into the sea but rather, take it to the recycling shop.